Constructive Play: Applying Piaget in the Preschool - eBook

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This classic book explains why the School for Constructive Play cut holes in tables, duct taped blocks together, suspended pendulums that leaked a trail of sand, and made paint brushes with crooked or doubled handles. These set ups were designed to give 2 to 5 year olds the chance to solve problems based on Piaget's theory of knowledge, learning and development. . 202 Pages. 100 plus photographs.

  • Well-integrated theory: highlights principles used to design the activities

  • Development: younger & older child comparisons

  • Engaging activities: designed for children 2 to 5 years

  • Role of environment: how to modify so that it is provocative

  • Best Practice: strategies to become a better observer of children's play

  • Meaningful Learning: shows how constructive play increases children's competence

  • eBook: PDF format is easy to download, read and save on your computer

    Click here to preview Chapter Four: Representing Motion

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