Classroom Clips


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Tired of tedious text for teaching teachers?

Use our engaging video clips of children/teachers at work.
Brief, to the point, specially selected classroom moments.
We mail all five Classroom Clips directly to you on a Flash Drive.

• Five separate video clips show how to support
children's thinking

• Five focus sheets (PDFs) point out critical moments
in each video clip

• Focus sheets provide questions with answers that are
hidden from view

• Print focus sheets without answers to distribute for
group discussions

• View from a computer, a video projector, or
the Internet

Topics covered:

• Experimenting with water flow in a stream
(Early Science: Five year olds) 

• Learning about roles and leadership through pretense
(Early Symbolization: Four year olds)

• Understanding a child's knowledge of how print works
(Early Literacy: Five year olds)

• Supporting children's attempts to count large numbers
(Early Math: Four year olds)

• Using drum patterns to develop communication skills
(Early Communication: Two year olds)