Writing the Word Cat

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Early childhood educators who believe in the value of an emergent curriculum often find it difficult to interweave state early learning standards with the interests of the children. However, as the teacher in this video illustrates, this goal can be attained through recognition of opportunities that arise during children’s daily experiences. (In this videative, the words that appear in red indicate the Ohio Early Learning Standards that are depicted in the video clips.)

The teacher helps Juliana spell the name of animals that will appear in Juliana's play. The teacher sounds the "A" in "CAT" and allows Juliana to transcribe that as the letters "X" plus "A." Perhaps Juliana adds the “X” because the short "A" phoneme in "CAT" has a somewhat different sound than the long "A" sound contained in the name of the letter “A” (e.g. "AT" as opposed to "ATE"). Through a number of starts and restarts, Juliana works on the spellings for the words CAT, DOG, and ZEBRA, even adding the extra distinction between upper and lower case letters. The videative shows in print those words too faint to hear and contains drawings of the letters so that you can more effectively study Juliana's marks.

Keywords: Fours, Markers, Child-Teacher, Literacy, Spelling, Standards, videative

Length of videative: 4 text pages, 7 video subclips

Length of stand-alone master video clip: 3 minutes, 55 seconds