Child as Teacher

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In this videative we have a wonderful opportunity to observe a role-reversal between teacher and child. While playing at the water table, a four-year-old boy named Chris has discovered how to use his hands to blow bubbles. Chris has a rich understanding of his newfound skill. Watch how Chris’ teacher encourages him to step into the role of instructor. She begins by imitating Chris’ manner of positioning his hands to make bubbles. The teacher then directly asks Chris to give her instructions. She continues to seek Chris’s guidance for each step in the bubble making process. Notice how by doing exactly as Chris says and nothing more, the teacher encourages him to give more detailed instruction. This videative allows us to observe the strategies Chris’ teacher employs—including encouraging Chris to step into the role of instructor—in order to make Chris’ knowledge more explicit.

Keywords: Fours, Bubbles, Child-Teacher, Cause/Effect, Force, Special Education, videative

Length of videative: 11 paragraphs, 6 video subclips

Length of stand-alone master video clip: 2 minutes, 22 seconds