Videatives Views #194 Heroes and Spaceships

See What Children Know
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Molly and Zev are involved in pretend play, using Magna Tiles and replica figures to explore ideas about good vs. evil. Rather than giving you our analysis of this clip, we have provided you with a set of questions you can use to discover the significance of this clip.

1. Cite specific examples of ways that Molly keeps Zev interested in sharing a common story line.
2. What observable features of his replica toy does Zev use to indicate that the knight is a good knight, and why do you think he chooses these particular attributes?
3. Elaborate on how the contrast between good and evil serves a number of functions during this episode of pretend play.
4. Why do you think Zev keeps opening and closing the sides of his spaceship? What other movements of his tiles support his commentary on what is happening? What would be the advantage of using materials that can be stuck together but not easily rearranged?
5. In your opinion, how does Molly's introduction of the policemen add to or subtract from the quality of the play between the two children?
6. Explain the advantage or disadvantage of creating a pretend scenario in which Molly's house cannot fly, but Zev's spaceship can.
7. Identify comments by the children that you think are designed to create a power difference between them.
8. In general, do you think this episode is an example of constructive collaborative play or a failed attempt to establish collaborative play? Give examples to support your opinion.
9. Comment on the skill both children use by changing their voices and gesturing to symbolize the intended meaning of their story.
10. What function(s) might Molly's frequent use of the words "okay" and "right" serve?
11. Toward the end of the video, Zev asks Molly's policeman for permission to go. How would you explain this shift from opposition to deference?

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