Making Documentation Panels that Explain
(OCT/ECE 204)

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Facilitator: Ellen Hall, Ph.D.
Facilitator: Elizabeth Pufall, M.A.

OCT/ECE 204: Making Documentation Panels that Explain ? One credit ? October 4 ? October 29, 2004 (Three of these eCourses cover one semester and yield three university credits. Participants may select one, two or all three eCourses.)

Using a series of articles and documentation panels as a forum for discussion, students will address the concept of documentation as an essential aspect of the learning process. Students will learn how to use documentation panels as a tool for assessment and self-assessment, as a resource for children and educators, and as a vehicle for communication. Assignments and on-line forums will address three basic questions: What forms can documentation panels take? How can teachers create documentation panels that make learning visible to varied audiences (children, educators, families, and members of the community)? How can documentation panels support a contextual curriculum? Students will be asked to construct their own documentation panels using digital video files contained on the course CD.

If a sufficient class-size is not obtained for an eCourse, it may be postponed until a later academic term.


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